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#1 2009-10-31 02:25:09

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The Great DPS Warrior Thread.


This thread is about Warrior DPS:
- caps.
- Stats.
- Gear.
- Races.
- Theory crafting in general (open for discussion).

You might think;" But there are hardly any DPS warriors in TEO, and they are doing just fine". My answer to that is basically that both me and zonekiller discuss BiS lists, theorycrafting, and random trashtalk/nicetalk at our workplace, as we both work there. However I would like to keep this thread open for the rest of you, instead of just me and Zonekiller (Thomas IRL) having the know-hows! Do expect a lot of WOTcrits! So if you are a TL;DR person, DO NOT READ THIS!

To start this of I have to go through the Basic's!

Cap's and Chaps:
The two most important caps for us warriors, or any single Melee DPS class is Definitively HIT rating and Expertise .
You might be asking yourself, what is the hit cap? How much do you need for special attacks, or yellow attacks to never miss. What about the normal attacks? And isn't that nerfed by things as Dual Wielding weapons and the Titan Grip Talent? (TG). When it comes to expertise it's rather unclear what the Actual cap is.


Hit rating per hit percent = 32.79 VS spell hit rating per hit percent = 26.23.

Hit cap's assuming you have 400 weapon skill:
- Normal hit cap without any subtracting factors = 263 (8.02%).
- Special hit cap without any subtracting factors = 263 (8.02%).
                       yes, its the same:>
- Normal hit cap for Dual wielding Warriors without any subtracting factors = 885.33 (27%).
- Special hit cap for Dual wielding Warriors without any subtracting factors = 263 (8.02%).
- Hit needed for Normal attacks with the precision talent (Dual wielding) = 627.33 (24%).
- Hit needed for special attacks with the Precision talent = 163.95 (5%).
- Hit needed for Normal attacks with the precision talent and the Heroic Presence buff granted by Draenei's (Dual wielding) = 594.54 (24%).
- Hit needed for Special attacks with the precision talent and the Heroic Presence buff granted by Draenei's (Dual wielding) = 131.16 (4%).

Soft cap:
The soft cap is something every DPS warrior should aim for. Going for a lot more hit rating than what the soft cap is, will still do better pure DPS, but a larger number of Glancing blow's will occur. The soft cap is easily determined, and is actually the same as the Special attack hit cap. Meaning us DPS warriors in TEO should aim for 8% raid buffed, hence above hit cap statements.


Expertise rating needed for 1 expertise = 8.231. Expertise needed for 0.5% avoidance removal = 4.

Soft cap:
As of now the soft cap is what you should aim for, and the soft cap is 6.50% avoidance removal - 26 expertise -  214 expertise rating, as you will always try to DPS the boss from his behind. However the Arms talent have the Strength of Arms, which grants 2 expertise per point (two point talent). In total 4 expertise, or 0.50 % avoidance removal.

Armor Penetration (ArP):
Armor penetration is a nice stat indeed, and it GREATLY increase DPS. However ArP scales with other stats, such as AP, Crit, Haste. It's also a stat that becomes better the more you have. Not going to explain why cause its a pain the ass, but do take a look at forums if you want to know why (or even

ArP Rating required to ignore 1% armor
Level 60     Level 70     Level 80
3.75              5.92     13.99

If you do have a 100% armor ignore its still only about 75% of the Boss's total Armor. Sunder Armor/ Expose Armor (Talented improved Expose Armor), and Faerie Fire (Improved Faerie Fire), or Curse of Weakness Takes of the rest 25% remaining.

Stats, all about em!:

Set of main stats:
- Agility.
- Intellect.
- Stamina.
- Strength.
- Spirit.

I'm not going to go through what the stats does in general, as we should all know that by now.
However I can note the importance, and key facts about the different stats:

Agility grants us Warriors ranged attack power (RAP), critical strike chance percentage, Armor, and dodge chance.
I'm not going to take dodge into this count, as it's a pretty much useless DPS stat.
- However 1 Agility grants 1 RAP.
- 1 Agility grants 2 armor.
- Agility needed for 1% critical strike chance for a level 80 warriors = 62.5.

Intellect is utterly useless for us Warriors.

Stamina grants us health points to our HP pool.
- 1 Stamina grants us 10 health points, to our total health point pool.

Strength is probably warriors strongest stats in total. 1 STR grants us 2 attack power points (AP).

Again a utterly useless stat for us Warriors.

wear GEAR:
As this is probably one of the greatest points in my thread I have to say this once and for all:

Baqa wrote:


We can do pretty terribad DPS with bad gear, no caps, too little AP, and too little critical strike chance. However once we get the suitable gear we can do awesome DPS, and if we are really wearing BiS (Best in Slot) gear, and the fight favors us warriors we are easily seen at the top of the meters. As it is in our nature to do damage to more than one target (hence Whirlwind, Cleave, Sweeping strikes, and Bladestorm), fights as Kologarn, Mimiron, etcetc is easily in our grasp when it comes to topping the meters, of course combined with great gear.

I probably have the greatest tool for adding gear, stats, specs, gems, and buffs into account with a "regular" Ability cycle. And it's taken right from the Forums. All hails to Landsoul, DPS warrior from the US Guild vodka for an awesome DPS Spreadsheet + a BiS list for both Fury and Arms.

DPS Spreadsheet link: … el07.xlsm/

BiS list:

Landsoul wrote:

Best in Slot Hardmode set, Alliance item names
Arms may do more single target damage due to being able to passive cap ArP at the cost of expertise.
Slot                Fury                                                                                                  Arms
Head            [Wrynn's Helmet of Triumph]                                                   [Wrynn's Helmet of Triumph]
Neck            [Charge of the Demon Lord]                                                   [Collar of Ceaseless Torment]
Shoulder    [Wrynn's Shoulderplates of Triumph]                                           [Wrynn's Shoulderplates of Triumph]
Back     Vereesa's Dexterity (Heroic)                                                   Vereesa's Dexterity (Heroic)
Chest    [Wrynn's Battleplate of Triumph]                                              [Wrynn's Battleplate of Triumph]
Wrist            1.,2.[Boneshatter Armplates]/3.[Bracers of Dark Determination]   [Bracers of the Untold Massacre]
Hands    [Gloves of Bitter Reprisal]                                                           [Wrynn's Gauntlets of Triumph]
Waist     1.[Belt of Deathly Dominion]/2.,3.[Bloodbath Belt]                   [Belt of Deathly Dominion]
Legs            [Wrynn's Legplates of Triumph]                                                   [Legguards of the Lurking Threat]
Feet            1.,3.[Greaves of the 7th Legion]/2.[Icewalker Treads],                   [Greaves of the 7th Legion]
                [Sabatons of Ruthless Judgment]
Ring1    [Band of the Violent Temperment]                                           [Carnivorous Band]
Ring2    [Ring of Callous Aggression]                                                   A.[Brann's Signet Ring]/H.[Planestalker Band]
Trinket1    [Death's Verdict]                                                                   [Death's Verdict]
Trinket2    [Death's Verdict]/[Mjolnir Runestone]                                           [Death's Verdict]
Weapon    [Justicebringer] x2                                                                   [Justicebringer]
Ranged    [Talonstrike]                                                                           [Rhok'shalla, the Shadow's Bane]/[Twirling Blades]

Use the sheet if you want to maximize your DPS, and if you are wondering what stat, item, etc to go for.

Races, not like the car ones:

So to start this, we do have 5 Alliance races. These races are:
- Dreanei's.
- Dwarfs.
- Gnomes.
- Humans.
- Night Elves.

Draenei's have only 1 DPS gaining racial, and that's Heroic Presence, which grants 1% hit chance, or 32.79 Hit rating.
This racial grants a DPS increase for both yourself, and the other members in your GROUP, not raid.

Dwarfs only DPS gaining racial is their mace specialization, which grants 5 expertise extra once wearing a 1H or a 2H mace. If you dual wield, you need 1 mace for that handed expertise, while you need another mace for the other hand for it to get 5 expertise bonus too.

Doesn't have any DPS gaining racials.

Humans gets 3 expertise bonus with both 1H and 2H maces and swords. How it works has been mentioned above in the "Dwarf" subtopic.

Doesn't have any DPS gaining Racials.

This is it for this time! I will most likely add stuff as I see it fit. I hope we warriors can keep this thread open for discussions, and use it to determine upgrades, what to gem, simple questions/answers for all you new warriors out there, and well, just normal random DPS warrior talk!
Everyone: Feel free to comment, discuss, and chit chat!

Thanks for space on our beloved forums.

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#2 2009-10-31 04:40:52

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Re: The Great DPS Warrior Thread.

I remember from a while abck that when playing fury, Landsouls sheet used to suggest stacking str / arp after the special cap although I found that having a bit more hit above that (200ish rating + precision as a ballpark figure) just felt nicer with heroic strikes. Mostly just wondering what ancedotal evidence y'all have although haven't really played since execute got changed patch. obviously the better gear you have, the less this becomes a problem (as well as raid damage being splashed around depending on da fight).

off topic: playing COD4 is a good way to see how wasted you are.

Please donate to the "One shot Aya with a shield slam fund", all bits of metalz welcome.



#3 2009-10-31 12:15:12

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Re: The Great DPS Warrior Thread.

I do think its more your steady rage gain per second that's suffering, instead of the lack of hit. There are numerous reasons for your DPS to seem spiky, (or at some times worse) with less hit than the sheet recommends. I'm pretty confident though, that the reason HAVE to be wearing 2x same speed weapons. Making the attacks sync. That takes you from 0 rage to 100 rage in two attacks, and that takes about 1 sec or so. Or even more than 100 rage, which them becomes wasted rage, as all rage above 100 = a great rage loss aka great DPS loss.

The answer though would be:
- Get 1-2% more hit than the sheet recommends.
- Get some haste going, it might not even it out that much, but it makes the difference (hence the Warrior scales imba with gear).
- Wear Justicebringer in MH, and lets say Reckonning in OH. this makes your attack Desync, which then makes rage generation more predictable.

It's a good point though:>



#4 2009-10-31 15:51:07

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Re: The Great DPS Warrior Thread.

Oh and if you find it suited, Sticky pl0x! big_smile



#5 2009-11-05 10:04:16

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Re: The Great DPS Warrior Thread.

Made it sticky. But make sure to upgrade it when needed. For new patches etc.

Really nice post btw, even noticed I one BiS item for the arms spec. Hurray.



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