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#1 2010-03-07 21:20:46

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Grimbold - Retribution Paladin

Hello there,

IRL info:

Name: João Melo
Age: 22
Country: Açores, Portugal. Açores is a group of 9 portuguese islands located near the middle of the Atlantic ^^
Profession: Im currently a university student, trying to graduate in Archaeolagy and History. After that i plan on taking a diving course and specialize in marine archaeolagy.

Character(s) Info: My main char is paladin, which mainspecc is Retribution and holy as offspecc. Im applying as retribution ^^. I also have a lvl 80 shaman, which specc is enhancement, no OS. I have a few other low lvl alts, but nothing worth mentioning.

Armory link: … n=Grimbold

Play time: I have a total play time of 293 days and 86 days on level 80. No clue of my shaman's play time.

Professions: On my paladin i am currently an Alchemist (450/450) and i make use of Blacksmithing aswell (450/450). On my shaman i am a miner and a jewelcrafter, both 450/450.

My WoW background: I started playing WoW about in 2005, after my older brother annoying me so much to buy WoW with him. I started playing, as mentioned, with my brother, who some of you might know as Lutharos, and a game friend of his, who you also might know as Bandi(do). WoW wasnt very appealing to me at first, so when i reached Westfall i stopped playing for a few months.
After returning and lvling to 60, LOIH invited me during a UBRS run. How i stayed there i have no idea, since i had this worst connection you could possible have... dcing every 5mins or so. This still haunts me till this day....dont worry, im not talking about the crappy connection, but being known as the dude who used to dc alot. I raided with them till mid TBC(and was their pala CL) and left for about a month when they were trying Morogrim tidewanker. I joined Rebirth cause my ingame friend, Singhxcept, was the CL there. 1 month later i left cause i wasnt found of the attitude of a few members. Proceeded to rejoin LOIH, became their pala CL again after Merobo decided to move on tongue. I stayed with them till now, where for some time i was the melee dps officer, being replaced being a rogue, after deciding to step down.

Game XP : As you may have noticed by now, i've been playing WoW since Vanilla. I raided everything in vanilla up to AQ40's 2nd or 3rd boss. In TBC i raided everything aswell, most of it with LOIH. With rebirth i did the full SSC and TK and the first 3 bosses in Mount Hyjal. When i returned to LOIH, i finished TBC with them, although Blizzard ( damn them) released the instance nerf when LOIH was half way trough Illidan.
As for Wotlk, cleared Naxx, Maly, Sarth + 3rd, Ulduar (except Algalon), ToC ( worst instance ever ) and ICC ( except sindragosa and the LK). In ICC, i've done more bosses in 10men than i have in 25men, and those are BQL and Putricide.

Concerning Semi and Heroic Modes, in Ulduar, i did FL+3, XT, Iron Council semi HM, Freya + 2, Hodir...cant rly recall anything else. As for ToC, i did 4 of the bosses in 10men and 3 on 25men.

What can TEO except from me? Well i'd say you can except a player who knows what the hell he's doing, most of the times anyway lol, who brings everything thats necessary for a raiding guild, attitude, committment, skills, game experience, and all the consumables that i find necessary to be at my best.

Why do i want to join TEO? Personaly, i think Wotlk has been crappy compared to TBC, in the sense that everything is more accessible now, which, in my opinion, has produced a wotlk generation of , lets say, not so good players. What does this have to do with why i want to join TEO? Well, i was in LOIH for quite a while, and was an officer there, and i saw the same situation happening over and over again during all these years, situation that a lot of guilds go trough and requires to constantly invite new members. LOIH hasnt been so lucky in getting great players in, which is why i partially blame WOTLK for that, and that has harmed the state of LOIH's raiding. After all this time, and let me add that i was one of the few that remained trying to rebuild the raiding crew, i've grown tired of it... it has simply drained me down.

All of this combined with Wotlk not being a great xpac as TBC was, has made me grow tired of the game and raiding in general. So i thought about stuff and its either moving on to another guild and hope that i have fun again raiding or stop raiding completly untill Cataclysm.

After this background, i want to join TEO because i've heard from a couple of friends that its a guild that considers the social aspect of the game important, but when it comes to raiding, it can tell things appart. So ye, meaning im looking fora cosy guild with a good and consistent raiding progress. I considered other guilds, like BOTW and Cartel, but BOTW demans high attendance from their raiders and cartel. Besides, TEO also has a few members that i know and that MIGHT vouch for me tongue, namely: Merobo, Nubmich aka Fairmont, Frewt, Maxilla and Araun.... dont recall anyone else.

As for activity, i've been told that you raid tuesday, thursday and sunday. I can raid both tuesday and sunday with nps, unless social stuff comes up. As for thursday its 50/50 chance to join. I currently have classes on monday/wed/thursday which is why i aint sure about thursday.

Computer, connection and addons: My computer would be smth to worry about if i still had my old laptop ( a 4year old asus with 1gb ram and...well...4 year old hardware tongue), but recently i bought a new laptop which can run WoW very very smootly big_smile. As for the connection, currently i live in an apartment with 4 other students, so we share the same wireless connection. If by any reason you see me lagging or dcing during a raid, thats probably cause they're abusing their inet or im rebooting the modem so they get the freakin idea of not to abuse it while im trying to raid!!! tongue.

Addons? No worries there, i have everything necessary for raiding, including Ventrilo, DBM, Grid, i dont use CLret or w/e its called...i still do my rotation manually like i've been doing for all these years. The same goes for holy, the name of the addon escapes me, but i just click on the person(s) name on grid, and spam my buttons, like i've been doing during all these years tongue.

I wrote this application aware that you need a holydin more than a retri one and that you might even answer that, but i insist, i want and would like to join with retri being my mainspecc. No i do not have a problem switching to holy during raids if its needed, but asking me to go holy as MS....hmm lets say thats gonna make things less fun ^^.

Also, forgive me if i left out any requirements, its just that in almost 5 years, this has been the 2nd application i write ^^.

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#2 2010-03-08 10:05:19

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Re: Grimbold - Retribution Paladin

Thanks for the application, hold on tight while we discuss stuff back and forth, comming up with an answer might take few days.

Could you by any chance provide link to a log that would how some of your kickass dps?

Also, one thing that bothers me at this stage:

BOTW demans high attendance from their raiders.

Same here. If you're saying you could raid Sundays and Tuesdays and every other Thursday, then we expect nothing less than singing up for pretty much every Sunday, every Tuesday and every second Thursday. More or less.



#3 2010-03-08 14:46:13

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Re: Grimbold - Retribution Paladin

Well LOIH wasnt a big user of Logs and the ones that provided us with them are no longer in the guild tongue. I can only tell you my highest dps. I've heard from Fairmont that your retridin, Apocalypse, has dealt 11k dps. Well gotta be honest here ^^, im not always looking at recount but never delt 11k dps before in a fight with no buff mechanics. My highest dps has been...well... a bit over 9000 lol.

As for the BOTW Attendence part, what i meant is they raid about 5 days and prolly demand an attendance of 4 or even 5. TEO on the other hand raids 3 days, which is great for me. Yes i will do my best to attend those 3 days as much as i can. If i happen to decline, as i mentioned previously, it would be for social reasons.

Feel free to ask any other questions.



#4 2010-03-09 00:24:44

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Re: Grimbold - Retribution Paladin

accepted as testplayer

"- Tuskin Mikankaan kohalla on väkisin työnnetty piikkiä perseeseen, Nykänen päätteli."



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