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#1 2008-12-03 02:02:33

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Zenghu, Human Paladin, updated to enh shaman - accepted

Hello, first you should know that my paladin is slacking, and this will mostly be updated because Lamme wanted me to, and...I forgot it.
And here I will tell you about my wow career that is done mostly as paladin, but will apply as Enhancement Shaman. Therefor the title of thread is misleading.

Real life info:

Name: Henry
Age: 22
From: Tampere, Finland
Whatcha doing? : Studying Information Technology at Tampere University of Technology, fourth year student.

WoW career:

I started WoW back in public beta as undead mage, when wow hit stores I leveled undead mage up, raided a bit Molten Core until I got tired of purpleblind officers of the guild and quit WoW for a while. Until one of my friends sent me a pic of his guild killing Ragnaros (January 2006). That's when my paladin was created and been playing it more or less actively since then. I've also leveled up Belf Mage which was no success at all so I changed back to paladin and started active playing again now in august 2008. And been playing actively since WotLK launch in TEO and BloodPressure @ Trollbane.

Raid history:

- PRE-TBC: I was in New Paradigm @ Lightning's Blade with my paladin for long time. When I joined the guild it was number 1 guild on the server, also I was Class Leader of Paladins last 3 months (left due brainless idiots joining the guild and blaming officers for being epic whores). Also raided "last" bosses in Soulkeepers @ Magtheridon in Winter 2006.
I've killed everything pre-tbc, expect Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad.

- TBC: TBC was pretty unsuccessful, leveled belf mage, raided kara/gruul and a bit TK with it. Then changed to paladin 3 months ago and I've been mostly in Black Temple and Mt. Hyjal before wotlk.

- WoTLK: Everything but Sindragosa 10-man, LK 10-man and LK 25 heroic.

Other info about paladin:

I've been holy ever since I hit 60. That's like 85+ days /played now and will not change to r-tardin or protection spec at any cost. I leveled 70-80 as shockadin in healing gear with one-handed mace and shield (I was top 15 in server that hit 80...). 60-70 was leveled via instances and some soloing as "shockadin". As of now I got about 189 /played with paladin and more to come, in form of slacking.
Paladin has herbalism and alchemy as professions. Been alchemist ever since I got gnomish death ray in my bank back in vanilla.

Totally new biscuit: Shaman !

I've leveled another shaman in moonglade where it was mostly idling until we decided to do heroics with Merreine and her lil' sister. Was restoration in those, and in random dungeons without them I was enhancement, so it is not totally new role, but I still have some hours to spend at dummy.

Why do I apply then?

Because you are, in my opinion, the best guild to be in attitude-, atmosphere- and relaxiness-wise. People in BloodPressure are too much about "insider" teams and left them because of their attitude towards non-insider people and raiding in general. They will shout like hell when one makes a mistake. Then usually focus on shouting next 5 tries before calling it and then one-shotting everything next raid. Yes, they progress nicely when they raid, but I don't wanna be raid-ready in first reset after expansion launch and so on. And I apply because I've grown out of that "zomg, realm first dudes"-gamestyle and wanna play they game relaxed and what not and I find those things in TEO.

Why should you take me?

You give me a nice chance to raid, again. I give you a player that is doing what is told to do and knows where his biscuits are, at least as paladin. I give you a shaman that is learning quite fast, getting job done and not whining over loot. And I know the game pretty well, started - as stated - in the beta and been around ever since.

About playstyle:

As DPS I like to keep my build that fits me well, and when I feel comfortable to adjust my spec towards the cookiecutter spec I will do so. Right now gear is nowhere near to keep up max dps, but in few weeks I'd say it will begin to be ok. As healer: keep everyone alive.

Do I know someone in guild?

Well, those oldies that still play in TEO: Nagamemnon, Lamme, Lamia, Kullsyre, Japsones, Bols, Lurf, Insuranceman and some others I forgot because I woke up few minutes ago. Again.

Plans for future:

To get a bit more weight on studying as it has now and get some serious heroic farming/raiding underway to get better gear and be ready for 25-man raids.

Another information:

I will use Ventrilo, I will speak there if required.
I guess you might want to see my armory link? Gz, you won it: … p;n=Zenghu
Using laptop for now for 10mans, for 25mans I try to get to that better computer that can play WoW super nicely. Laptop can handle 10mans just "ok", but in 25man I think it will be mostly nothing but daiashow and will try to raid on that computer.
Also, a picture of my ui in raids: … 191203.jpg Something like that, minor changes have been done, tho.

I think my sport activities will be a) walking to fridge, b) going to school, playing a bit floorball there, c) sleeping.

Ah well, I guess that's it. If you missed something, tell me and I answer it asap.

- Yours, Zenghu.

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My everchanging WIP portfolio for school shi...stuff:

It's buggy for reasons I cba to check them, also it's outdated.



#2 2008-12-03 02:10:46

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Re: Zenghu, Human Paladin, updated to enh shaman - accepted

You referred that we started talking via a friend on moonglade.. indeed we did and from comments through there Ive heard Zenghu here is the best paladin on the server.. Best healer of their guild (one of the best if not THE best on the server) that always does what is required and more.

Everything Ive heard of this guy is positive... Well for the exception that he is a teekkari wink (a finnish student-type). Highly rooting for this holydin here!

- Boltan

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#3 2008-12-03 02:46:37

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Re: Zenghu, Human Paladin, updated to enh shaman - accepted

I have talked with this guy and decided to offer him spot as testplayer after he get's his charater transferred. He seems really good addition to our guild.


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#4 2010-08-21 13:09:57

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Re: Zenghu, Human Paladin, updated to enh shaman - accepted




#5 2010-08-21 19:02:50

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Re: Zenghu, Human Paladin, updated to enh shaman - accepted

Hey there Zenghu. Nice to see you on this page of the forum. I will come back to you soon. But for now, can you please give me a answer on:

"Nothing much, I tend to keep everyone topped and there is one thing I hate more than anything. Overhealing. I just can't stand someone (don't get me wrong here...) overhealing, especially me, since it's waste of mana."

You say you hate overhealers, but then again I must ask you, you are a Holy Light Paladin, as far as I know, they are spaming Holy Light, got the Holy Light Glyph, even more overhealing.

For some fights I'm between 75%-85% overhealing, will you then hate me? ^^. Atlast for me I dont feel like I waste mana, still rolling with 48k atm but then again, Better to hit a 30k heal 1 out of 10 than wait and hold your heal back, mby it's abit late by then.

Guess you have so much old stuff in this apply that I can't see what you really applying with, Your Shaman or Paladin.

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#6 2010-08-21 23:58:26

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Re: Zenghu, Human Paladin, updated to enh shaman - accepted

Ok, while it's still a cool application, now it's totally messed up in terms of what class you're going to play big_smile

So ye, that's Zenghu guys, flesh and blood. He will eventually become our enhancement shaman to replace Qurrai, once he gets some more gear.



#7 2010-08-31 19:37:08

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Re: Zenghu, Human Paladin, updated to enh shaman - accepted



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