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#1 2010-07-05 20:41:26

Leading Team
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For new druids

This is a post about good things to know about when your joining Enigma Order

First of all join our sweet druid channel were we all talk about how much we like to be scratched on the belly in cat form
To join the channel simply type "/join enigmadruids" and you'll be right in with the rest of us

The second thing we would like every druid to have is a basic macro that tells the rest of us when and who you are combat ressing
To create on open up your macro menu with "/macro" hit the "New" button and select a nice icon for yourself and copy paste the following text

/5 *****Casting Ress @ %t*****
/ra *****Casting Ress @ %t*****
/cast Rebirth

or something similar just make sure it posts in both the raid and enigmadruids chat so we can avoid those nasty double combat resses as much as possible.

Fell free to post in our acticity thread so we can keep track on things like offspec, planned attendance and favourite ice cream.
The thread can be found here

Feeling unsure on anything revolving the druid ways? Just ask in the druid channel or check out some of the most awesome guides written

Think that was all i wanted to share, if you have any suggestions on something to add in here please say so
Otherwise happy shape shifting smile

Updated links to 4.0.1 guides
13/12 Updated guides to Cata release
26/12 New link for activity thread
18/9 Updated guides

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Never give up, never surrender!



#2 2010-07-05 20:44:17

Druid CL / Forum Guru
From: Norway
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Re: For new druids

nice thread Garadien




#3 2010-07-05 23:58:24

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Re: For new druids

Don't go to the army Garadien, for real, I have better use for you.

edit: or, do go to the army, and say you either a bear-tank or a lazer-owl. They're bound to send you back pronto.



#4 2010-07-06 01:06:29

From: Oulu, Finland
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Re: For new druids

Good post indeed, was needed. Thanks!

edit: Hmm, class leader stuff comes in mind of this post...



#5 2011-01-19 21:11:07

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Re: For new druids

that macro is outdated & doesnt work
thx to oneinch, i got this working

#showtooltip Rebirth
/5 *****Casting Ress @ %t*****
/ra *****Casting Ress @ %t*****
/cast Rebirth



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