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#1 2011-01-26 23:57:07

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Far from obvious, but fairly useful

Our major glyphs are bad and that's still quite an overstatement. They suck big time.

While Glyph of Raptor Strike feels like yet another crappy pvp tool, it actually comes in handy in raids as well.

Omnitron - there's always something close to hit, -20% damage taken from the fire lazer right here for you
Chimareon - -20% damage taken pretty much all the time during aoe
Nefarian - most important I guess, for us dps the fight breaks down to surviving the Crackles - this glyph is just pure gold for it (even more so when there's hardly any competition)
few more uses in Bastion and TFW.

I really advise not only getting it, but getting used to benefiting from it.


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