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#1 2011-03-18 12:53:34

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Omnotron hc tricks

- FD completly stops Magmatron's lazer from going off if used fast enough. use it fast enough.
- Detterense is very good of a spell at the fight. It stops damage from:
   * green adds explosion,
   * fire aoe
   * shadow infusion aoe (if not applied to yourself)
   * magmatron's lazer (don't use it for that purpose. use FD)
- Glyph of Raptor Strike is - again - a very strong tool at just about any of the bad things. In particular against Electron's and Magmatron's specials, so that's 2 times if very much matters.
- We can and should MD each new golem to hist tank. The tank order is pre-agreed, MD is ready every second activation. It is also a very good way of making sure we stop dps on "old golem" in time.
- It does no great harm if we leave pets on an old golem - no risk of Statick Shock, only loosing any buffs they might apply to the nuke target (which I guess only matters for me, I use piss-ugly chiena for Tendom Rip (+bleed)). There's no point in doing so, other then the ability to keep pets on Defensive nd turn them into a "fire and forget" rockets.
- If we FD the very moment we get Lightning Rod/Shadow Infusion, we might make it dissapear. It's completly unreliable.
- As long as we have 2 or more hunters, we always want 1 frost trap triggered by Toxitron before he spawns adds and then one between him and the range group. I am making the former happen, you guys take the latter.



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