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#1 2011-04-18 22:33:32

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Atramedes comparison

Hey guys, check this out - Link!

A really nice comparison of what we did good and bad on Atramedes. The grey buttons are clickable, so a few sheets (only Summary and Damage Done counts I believe).

Good example for me to show, since I failed the most in dps department, but did significantly better in survival - notice that I never used Call of the Wild (macro fail), hardly ever Rapid Fire (just couldn't find good time). On the other hand I took roughly half of the damage both of you did from Searing Flame (thanks to Detterance). Also, I almost completly dropped Aimed Shot on this fight - that was on purpose, to avoid situations where I would have to cancel casts due discs.

It's a really nice tool, I'll plunge some more fights into it to verify certai observations I made so far.



#2 2011-04-18 23:07:44

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Re: Atramedes comparison

I use(d) rapid fire and call of the wild early (after the 2 first SS) (and readiness), but never gotten to use the 2nd "charge" of rapid fire(we used heroism instead)... Using aimed shot mostly when under superhaste (like trinket proc, heroism or rapid fire only) and whenever it MMM procs. I even reglyphed Arcane Shot for this...

However I fail alot of keeping SrS up hmm  I mis-time chimera shot(guess I should use it whenever its off cd, but i rarely do)

Outside lies doom



#3 2011-04-18 23:21:02

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Re: Atramedes comparison

I try not to get so focused on using Rapid Fire at "perfect times" on a fight like this. Its stil better to pop it while you have to move sometimes than not at all. I also use it at the beginning and 2nd one right after hero wears off. Next ones i try to use right after someone else gets tracking and runs away (ofc not untill we are placed properly), which seems to work fine.

I generally spam Aimed shot at the beginning, this fight is no exception, but later on i does get more tricky. It can be fitted in well right after we move from discs so I still use it even if its not procced.

For the survival part I think I got better at paying attention to Searing flame timer in the last few tries and expect to use deterrence more properly next raid tongue
I also need to use Raptor Strike for survival, that's something I've been slacking on in general, but I'm aware of it.



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