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#1 2011-04-18 22:54:06

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Chimareon comparison

In case of Atramedes, the link was mostly to show the tool and ponder on the different playstyles, perhaps point out what could be improved in terms of survivability.

In this case, it's similar comparison from Chimareon. A very clean kill, I died at the very same moment the boss did, so it doesn't mess the numbers. One inconvinient factor is the -hit debuff, but it applies equally to all of us, so we just need to bare with it. Again, I look at Damage sheet.

There's one non-obvious, important conclusion - I have slightly more haste than Maxilla and Ihsahn has considerebly less than us two. Steady Shots per minute prove that. I also have the least Mastery (Wild Quiver). Next, Maxilla uses Aimed Shot a fair bit less often than Ihsahn and me and I do believe that hurts the dps - the ability usage is lower overall (and it hits sweet-hard), but that leads to crit chance being considerably lower, since as long as the target is above 80% hp our crit chance is increased. Also, it gives higher upkeep of Piercing  Shots. So as much Aimed as possible and only as little Chimera as required to keep Serpent Sting up proves to be the way to go above 80%, than it's less obvious, though I personally still value Aimed high above Chimera.
Furthermore, my mixture of plenty of haste and Aimed Shots results in less auto shots - which is good, since they hit for the least. I also do try to exploit the Aimed Shot! (the proc) mechanics - and I did got few casts more.
Besides that, Ihsahn has poor upkeep of Seprent Sting (70%) - that's mostly due to loosing it when Chimera Shot misses due debuff. Might be an issue of UI tweaking to make it first-glance visible if it's up. Ihsahn also seem to use Arcane more than Maxilla and I - on this particular fight I will only use it while moving in and out.
Last but not least, Ihsahn protected himself with Glyph of Raptor Strike on each Feud, me on every second and Maxilla at all. That's something to work on, that glyph is a life-saver once you get used to it.



#2 2011-04-18 23:16:02

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Re: Chimareon comparison

I miss the 4piece bonus to gain the same amount of haste as you have Lamme, as it is now I have 15% self buffed (1.58s cast time on SS in raids)

I used Arcane shot every time i had to move (too lazy to switch to Fox perhaps tongue). Everytime I'm in melee range of a boss I try to get in some raptor strikes (maloriak red phase, nefarian before electroshock, even on V&T when we clump up on the tank^^

Upkeep on SrS is something I need to work on..not only on this boss, but on every other... I simply mis-time Chimera and is often out of focus for it and when the shot lands the sting has gone off hmm

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#3 2011-04-18 23:32:38

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Re: Chimareon comparison

Like I have already told you, there is a perfectly fine reason for the missing raptor strikes on my statistics, I dont have the glyph! tongue

For the I recal it from my last inspection of you its not just "a little" more haste you have than me. I do cast Aimed as often as I can, but when I get the green aids debuff I tend to save Aimed till it wears off. Dunno if I loose some there. I also only use arcane shots when I move and only if I have no other options. I try to keep my focus high and gcd ready on Chimera shot for the moving part.

I do think this is not always how it looks though. I remember being top hunter on recount (both dmg and dps) on this fight sometimes, so I guess Im just not as consistent as I'd like to be tongue



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