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Holy Paladin guide, by Apocalypsč

Hey guys and girls. This is a post I wanted to make for some time now. This is my personal Holy Paladin guide to the Holy Paladins out there that want to do the right thing, spec the right way and use the right spells at what time, based on my XP during Cataclysm. I will start with how you should gear, what gear you really should get if you start from scratch and continue with some raid XP. I will use … m_4_0_6_a/ on basic stuff, due to there is no point to write some thing all over again resulting in the same thing. Also I will add abit of stuff to what I copy from the compendium and leave out what I find is not needed here.

A Holy Paladin in Cataclysm got it really easy when it comes to gear. The 4setbonus was really bad until the patch of 4.1, due to it wanted you to use your Holy Radiance to get the spirit buff, changed to Holy Shock did make it a bit better, but nothing to go for. The reason is that the green stat on the setparts ein't what a real Holy Paladin will hunt down on. Spirit and Haste is KING.
Here you can see that I'm going for the nonset items, and aswell going for the socket bonus.

Starters, what and where should you get the gear.
BiS items is for sure really easy to come by(before the heroic raiding starts).

Belt: Sun King's Girdle Sun King's Girdle: Ramkahen exalted
Shield: Elementium Stormshield Elementium Stormshield : BS
Trinket: Vibrant Alchemist Stone Vibrant Alchemist Stone: Alch
Trinket: Tear of Blood,intel/spirit from Stonecore Tear of Blood
Trinket: Tyrande's Favorite Doll Tyrande's Favorite Doll : Alch, but then again need abit of luck.
Trinket: If you got the cash, the Darkmoon trinket is prty good:Darkmoon Card: Tsunami
You can also get some great 346trinkets with JC
Main Hand, Find yourself a arenapartner and you will get it in no time. Vicious Gladiator's Gavel
Same with the epic PvP wrists, BiS before raid(Cho'gall drops Shackle of the end of Days Shackle of the end of Days) Vicious Gladiator's Bracers of Meditation
Boots: Ethernal Pathfinders (BOE item from points) Ethernal Pathfinders
The ring from arch is prty good aswell. Ring of the Boy Emperor
This is just a few of the items and where to get them, you should check out with the other factions and ZA/ZG aswell, easy epics.
Anyway, most of the epics abow was/are still items I use today, and the pve items I only changed out with heroic raid loot(372).

Soul Drain Signet Soul Drain Signet
Boots of Bad Mojo Boots of Bad Mojo
Bracers of Hidden Purpose Bracers of Hidden Purpose
Amani Scepter of Rites Amani Scepter of Rites

Zulian Ward Zulian Ward
Signet of Venoxis Signet of Venoxis
Plumed Medicine Helm Plumed Medicine Helm
Troll Skull Chestplate Troll Skull Chestplate

Just remember, when it comes to trinkets, Intel is pri 1, then Spirit.

Hands and Belt in 4.2!!! BS

Stat prio
You would like to reforge crit/mastery > spirit/haste depending on the stat alrdy on the gear.
When it comes to haste, there is no real cap, Divine Light/Holy Light will always benefit from it. Aswell as Holy Radiance.

Spec 32/5/4
It depends abit on what you want to do with your Paladin, is it a dung/pvp(abit all around spec) or is it a pure raid spec.
I alrdy linked my Armory, this is the pure raid one, aswell with the glyphs.

Hand Spells
Only one hand per paladin can be on a target at the same time. You can have multiple hand spells up at any time, and you can also have multiple hand's on the same target, provided you have more then one paladin.

Hand of Freedom Hand of Freedom
Hand of Freedom removes and prevents debuffs that slow movement or root, even if they have other effects like damage. This can be very useful under these circumstances, always look to use this when it will help, and usually it will be on the tank or something with current agro.

Edit: This spell I found a great use of in the start Halfus fight. When the Main tank tanking Halfus himself, he will get a stacking debuff on him that will end up killing him if no one takes over the agro. Also, the dbuff last for a long time, what you can do, yes it's mby abit risky bc it will cost you another global cd and will end up in dead dps, is to first, cast Hand of Protection on the tank(removes the dbuff) then the splitsec after you throw in a Hand of Freedom. Yes you could tell the tank to make a macro to remove it, but so much going on during the fight, and we would like to keep the ventrilo clear.

Hand of Protection Hand of Protection
Prevents all physical damage, removes all physical debuffs. This causes the target to be unable to use melee or ranged physical attacks. Mobs without a magical source of damage will ignore the target for the duration of the spell; it has no effect on threat levels. Causes the Forbearance effect.

Edit: As I told you abow, Hand of Protection removes the dbuff on the main tank at Halfus. Also this spell is really usefull in fights where DPS needs to aoe nuke down adds fast. You would think that Hand of Salvation would be the best spell, yes it's good, but it sucks during short fights, as it removes % of total agro, if it's used to early it's just a piss in the sea, vs if you would use Hand of Salvation in mid fight. So Hand of Protection is really great, just be really fast on that one, a split sec is usualy between life and death.

Hand of Sacrifice Hand of Sacrifice
Transfers 30% of damage to you, up to your Max HP in value. While not technically a damage reduction cooldown, it is used as such due to our automatic and powerful self healing. The cooldown promotes using this under phases of increased damage, rather then constant usage. Can be used to 'bypass' mortal strike debuffs that would otherwise weaken the effect of other healing based cooldowns.

Edit: This spell is the shit, yes, you prob not using this one to much, due to the fact it can 1shot you. Maloriak: Green P; tanks gathering up, taking almost 1shoted dmg, now it's really good to use this one, but! be sure than u got a stable interupting team on Maloriak himself. If 1 lightning hiting the raid at that time, while the adds geting a good few hits on your tank it prob will end up in you 1shoted. I know to use Hand of Sacrifice here is abit unsafe, but if you time this one with Divine Protection(can also ble glyphed to 40%spelldmg red.). Nefarian is a scary spot to use this spell, due to crackle. Anyway, the selfhealing talent: Protector of the Innocent(tir1) should be more than enough to keep you up when Hand of Sacrifice is up if there is no big AOEinc dmg on you.

Hand of Salvation Hand of Salvation
Reduces the targets total threat by 2% per second, for a total of 20%. Potential use for niche tactics, usually to get slightly more raid DPS or to assist in transitions, threat drops, or adds.

Edit: When Tyler screams out for it early during a bossfight, just bubble him. tongue

We have several potent cooldowns available to help when the going gets tough.

Avenging Wrath Avenging Wrath
Avenging Wrath provides a powerful 20% additional healing, and damage, for a fairly cheap mana cost. The 3 minute cooldown can be talented to 2 minutes allowing more liberal use of this cooldown, which lasts 20 seconds.

Edit: Avenging Wrath is just great, loads of uses and binded with other spells like, Divine Favor, Holy Radiance, Trinket and even Guardian of Ancient Kings when the raid dmg is sick.
#showtooltip Avenging Wrath
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Divine Favor
/cast holy Radiance
/cast Divine Protection
/use Core of Ripeness  (trinket)
/cast Aura Mastery

Divine Favor Divine Favor
Divine Favor is changed from its mana saving form into a very powerful burst healing cooldown. 20% spell haste and crit makes this more powerful then AW in most situations. 3 minute cooldown with a 20 second duration, which can be glyphed for an extra 10 seconds.

Edit: as abow, this one is really great to combind with Avenging wrath and Holy Radiance. With Holy Radiance it will add a few more ticks, and faster Holy Light/Divine Light.

Aura Mastery Aura Mastery
Aura Mastery is still around, this time as a deep holy talent. 2 minute cooldown for 6 seconds of enhanced auras. You can choose from 4076 extra armor, double damage retribution aura, silence and interrupt immunity, 195 extra fire/frost/shadow resistance. Extra resistance and silence immunity will be the best options in most cases, as almost 25% extra damage reduction is very potent.

Edit: ppl tend to forget this one, so please be smart and BIND THIS ONE to Holy Radiance. Reason is that you would like to use Holy Radiance when there is loads of aoe dmg, and the aoe dmg is spell dmg and therefor you will pop Aura Mastery when it happens. Easy as that.

Lay on Hands Lay on Hands
Lay on Hands has become a very powerful heal with the health scaling of cataclysm. At 10 minutes, this is a long cooldown and should be used when it will matter. Can be glyphed to 7 minutes, as well as being able to restore 10% maximum mana to the paladin, even when used on other players. Now causes the Forbearance effect on the target.

Guardian of Ancient Kings Guardian of Ancient Kings
Guardian of Ancient Kings is a new cooldown at 85. This spell summons an uncontrollable pet that will replicate your casted heals. At this time the following are the only spells valid for GoAK: FoL, HL, DL, HS, WoG. It is invulnerable, and lasts 30s or until 5 valid heals are used. The effect is a duplicate heal cast on the same target, as well as healing all targets within 10 yards of the target healed for 10% of the heal value, which can hit the original target as well.

Edit: Use this one with Divine Light only, will give the best output.

Divine Plea Divine Plea
Our mana regeneration cooldown, 12% of maximum mana (18% glyphed) over 9 seconds, with a cooldown of 2 minutes. Reduces all healing output by 50% during this time, which is a major drawback that has to be considered. Possible options are using it with HoSac or in low damage phases of encounters.

Edit: Don't use this spell with any of the CD's abow. Hit it when ever it is rdy on CD, it last's for 9 sec. Hand of Sacrifice is good on the tank with Divine Plea when there is a moderate dmg overall. Could bind spirit trinkets to this one aswell. During the DP of 9 sec, you could also go in doing auto hits/judge as much as you can, just to gen. some more mana right before hell breakes loose agian.
#showtooltip Divine Plea
/cast Divine Plea
/use Core of Ripeness

Seal of Insight & Judgment Seal of Insight
Seal of Insight will be our main seal, mostly due to the glyph which adds 5% to our healing. This seal will also restore 15% of our base mana when judged, giving us a net 10% base mana gain after the cost of judgment. This yields 2342 mana back. Judging gives us 9% haste from talents, and should be used at least once a minute. Judging on cooldown will return 1,463 MP5.

Auto attacks made with this seal up can heal the paladin and return 4% of base mana, or 937 mana. {details}

Edit: The main reason why you would pick atlast 1/2Enlightened Judgements from talents is the hit chanse it gives with Judge/autohit, just to make it a full chanse to get the mana from it.

Cleanse Cleanse
Cleanse now only dispels one Poison and one Disease effect, and has to be talented to remove a Magical effect. This now has a non-trivial mana cost and as such may be desirable to glyph in certain situations. You can use cleanse even without a valid debuff now, which you will have to watch out for.

Blessings now affect the whole raid with one cast, and they have been consolidated into Kings and Might.
Kings gives 5% Int, Stamina, Strength, and Agility, as well as +97 to all resistances. Blessing of Kings does not stack with Mark of the Wild. The resistance bonus does not currently stack with Resistance Aura and is assumed to be a bug.
Might gives 10% attack power, and 326 Mp5.

This is the resulting debuff applied to anyone affected by LoH, HoP or Divine Shield Currently lasts 1 min, and prevents application of the aforementioned abilities. This has the potential for issues in multiple paladin groups, and should be a consideration in strategies.

Healing Spells:
Single Target Heals Flash of Light Holy Light Divine Light
Flash of Light, Holy Light, and our new spell Divine Light are all casted single target heals. They vary in mana cost, speed and power as per the chart below. Holy Shock generates 1 Holy Power at all times, while the Divine Light and Flash of Light require utilizing Tower of Radiance for Holy Power. Holy Light is the most efficient heal before the more complicated factors like Beacon, Holy power and Mastery.

Holy Power Heals
We now have 2 healing spells based on our new mechanic, Holy Power. Casting a spell that requires Holy Power will consume all of your current HoPo. The number consumed will determine the power of the spell. These spells have no hard cool down, and are instead limited by the rate you generate holy power. These spells do not cost mana.

Word of Glory Word of Glory
Word of Glory is an instant cast single target heal of medium power. Useful under certain conditions where LoD would be unfavorable, such as during GoAK, or when only a single non-beacon target needs quick healing. It is worth noting that WoG does indeed scale with both SP and AP at the same time. As of the current patch, the WoG tool-tip was updated to reflect all modifiers affecting it, but this has caused the tool-tip to always display the average value.

Light of Dawn Light of Dawn
Light of Dawn is a cone based heal that uses the 'smart' targeting mechanic and has the following attributes. Light of dawn will require getting familiar with the cone targeting mechanic to use it to full potential. LoD has a 30 yard range, 10 yards shorter then the majority of our heals, but also the same range as BoSac. It will heal pets, and is currently transferring all heals to the Beacon target, resulting in many smaller heals that total a very large amount. LoD can and will heal yourself unless 6(5) other people need it more.

Holy Radiance Holy Radiance
Holy Radiance is an AoE HoT, centered on the paladin that moves with him. HR has a base tick rate of 1s before haste, and base duration of 10s. Being a HoT this spell will scale very well with haste, and currently gets an additional 10% efficiency at 5% Haste, and every 10% beyond that. Holy Radiance has the potential for high efficiency and output. Use it any time you will be clustered for its duration, such as on the melee, as efficiency will drop significantly on players who are spread out. It is also beneficial to stack haste effects with this spell. 30s talented cool down means it can see fairly frequent use if the need arises. As HR scales with haste, both the total duration and number of ticks will change.

Beacon of Light Beacon of Light
Beacon of Light is now only a 50% transfer of the healing value, before target based modifiers. Beacon heals will not produce the Illuminated Healing shield from the Mastery stat. Currently Protector of the Innocent, Enlightened Judgments, and Light of Dawn all transfer to the beacon, adding extra value to those talents, in addition to the normal casted heals. Seal of Insight heals are currently transferring to the beacon.
Lasts 5 minutes. Healing on Beacon of Light target will grant you Holy Power with talent Tower of Radiance

Blackwing Descent
This fight is ACE for Holy Paladin. You stand in melee all the times, and move with them (not in p2 or call it p3, then everyone should spread out). Anyway Beacon of Light on the curent tank on Magmaw, stack up with 3x HP by healing tank or healing with Holy Shock on the random members. Now, after some time Magmaw will do massive AOE dmg Lava Spew. Use this macro:
#showtooltip Avenging Wrath
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Divine Favor
/cast Holy Radiance
/cast Divine Protection
/use (trinket)
/cast Aura Mastery
Cast as many Light of Dawn u are able to make under this AOE. when the AOE is over, now or right before the ADD tank will get agro on some add, remember to keep him alive aswell. When the AOE is over you would also like to get some mana back, now is the time to push Divine Plea, autohiting ect ect before the next AOE.
Next AOE you got Guardian of Ancient Kings rdy. I want you to use it, with a 3x HP Light of Dawn, spam the raid with Divine Light/flash of Light. the Holy Radiance mby is not rdy at the start of the aoe, BUT soon is, pop it when it's rdy.  The reason why I wanted you to pop GoAK that early is that you will have it in the last P. So you are able to use it 2 times during this fight.
When Magmaw's head goes down, NOW is the time to switch Beacon of Light on to the next tank tanking Magmaw in P1.
This is basicly it, use Divine Plea whenever it's rdy, Judge alot + Autohit.

Holy Paladin drop: Breastplate of Avenging Flame

Positioning is the main thing during this fight. Really good Holy Paladin fight if you know what comes next. Due to the "randomness" of who of the 4 you vs. first I will not go to how to execute this fight from A-Z. Important spells to remember using at what time is, Magmatron's fire AOEIncineration Security Measure  - Aura Mastery/Holy Radiance. If you get targeted by Acquiring Target Use Divine Shield, if you are doing this right away the Flame Thrower won't trigger.
When Arcanotron is active, he will summon Power Generator under a random friendly target. Please stand in it. It will give you a great mana regen, but note that some of this Power Generator may grow and explode ending in a 1shot if your not out of it in time.
Toxitron, is fairly ok, use your Holy Radiance when hes draging every raid member into Chemical Bomb, this cloud will do AoE dmg to the raid. It's also great if you got a 3xHP Light of Dawn rdy.

Holy Paladin drop: Life Force Chargers and Security Measure Alpha

(heroic) Black Phase: Beacon of Light on the add tank tanking Vile Swill, heal melee and other standing in Dark Sludge, make sure u walk out of it as fast as u can. Try to stand abit away from everyone else so the chanse for you geting Dark Sludge under your feet. Try not to use to many great CD's during this phase, you will need it during Red Phase. Maloriak will also cast Engulfing Darkness on the tank, a frontal cone that deals 25,000 shadow damage and reduces healing received by 100%. Engulfing Darkness lasts 8 seconds and is cast every 10 seconds, so there is a short window in which to heal the tank up.
Also you would like to throw out Hand of Salvation on the DPS doing the most aoe dmg, for x Boomkins.

Red Phase: All gather up in front of him, here Maloriak will do great cone aoe dmg to the raid, here is the spot you would like to use all your great healing CD's. But remember, keep the add tank's up aswell, they prob will do some tanking outside the raid and may be forgoten.

Blue Phase: Stay spread out, great time to use Divine Plea ect ect to get your mana up rdy for Green Phase.

Green Phase: This Phase is where adds and Maloriak is gathered up so the adds gain a debuff so the dps can AOE them down, to help tanks to survive, feel free to use Hand of Sacrifice, but note, if the AOE is not interupted, you prob. will die instant.

Non Phase: Great spot to gain some mana with autohits and Divine Plea before Black Phase starts again.

Phase 2: Spread out, heal like crazy. Maloriak will throw two AoE spells at you, Acid Nova and Absolute Zero. Acid Nova is a small DoT which can be healed through. Absolute Zero spawns exploding orbs you need to move away from. He will also cast Magma Jets in front of himself. Its cast time is long enough to allow your tank to move away from the fire's path.

Holy Paladin drop: Flash Freeze Gauntlets

This is for sure a really fun Holy Paladin Fight, not much new I have to say, but.
Phase 1(ground phase): You are clumped in a big group moving from left to right to left. Here, if you want to do the most ultimate healing is to have Beacon of Light on the Main Tank. "Spam" Flash of Light on him and use Light of Dawn and Holy Radiance when the raid takes dmg. Holy Radiance is a great spell to use when you are on the move.

Phase 2(air phase): Perfect time to use Divine Plea and Judgement.

Holy Paladin drop: Kingdom's Heart

I will just add a few tips here.
When you are spread out, just make sure that you are close enough to autohit Chimaeron.
When gathered, use the macro:
#showtooltip Avenging Wrath
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Divine Favor
/cast Holy Radiance
/cast Divine Protection
/use (trinket)
/cast Aura Mastery

Also pop GoAK, spam Divine Light. Lay on Hands will also be needed during the heroic fight on the dedicated tank when you gather up. Make sure you are clear on who and when to use it, aswell with your big healing CD's on raid, you will like to have a great rota between the healers to make this bossfight easy and duable.

If you are assigned group healing, leave Beacon of Light on the tank taking the Dubble Hits, while healing your group with Holy Shock, Holy Light and WoG.

Holy Paladin drop: Burden of Mortality

Holy Paladin drop: Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King
Holy Paladin drop: Belt of the Blackhand Sun King's Girdle: Ramkahen exalted is still BiS before Nefarian Heroic

The Bastion of Twilight
Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Holy Paladin drop: Wyrmbreaker's Amulet
Holy Paladin drop: Legguards of the Emerald Brood

Valiona & Theralion
Holy Paladin drop: Drape of the Twins

Valiona & Theralion
Holy Paladin drop: Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King

Elementium Monstrosity
Holy Paladin drop: Glaciated Helm

Holy Paladin drop: Fall of Mortality
Holy Paladin drop: Twilight's Hammer
Holy Paladin drop: Shackles of the End of Days

Throne of the 4 Winds


NEXT IS....................... PATCH 4.2

Hey there Holy Paladin. No point in continue with the old 4.1 stuff when 4.2 is out! And in this patch I will both update a guide how to both play PvE and PvP.

Holy Paladin PvP Guide.
So much have changed after patch 4.2. We can finaly be a great PvP healer, with loads of instant heals, speedruning to cover and healing reduce in form of applying a Exorsissm debuff on the healer that makes them unable to crit with any healing spells. Same if applyed on the dps they wont crit you and for you makes it a great dmg reduce income. This talent is of course a magic effect and will be removed by cleansing so you need to reapply it if so, or when the time runs out. When you learn to master this 3 difrent things you should not have any trubble to keep your friend/s up and help out geting your target down.

PvP Talents
You can go dif. ways when it comes to the spec of a PvP Paladin. At the moment, after all the testing I have done I feel that my curent spec is the way to go: 33/7/1 … /secondary

Glyphs: When it comes to playstyle, it's all up to you really, how you want to glyph. But I will tell you the reason why I did pick the ones I got on me.

Glyph of WoG:
Don't need to say more.
Glyph of Holy Shock: In PvP crit is the shit. Reason for starters, is that if Holy Shock crits, you will then get a faster heal with Holy Light/Divine Light or a instant heal with Flash of Light.
Glyph of SoI: Seal of Insight is the seal you would like to use anyway, for auto hits and judge, it will give you the mana needed during the fight so why not put a 5% more healing on top of it

Glyph of Divine Plea:
Yes, you would really like to use Divine Plea alot in Arena when A. Your dps eint taking that much of dmg, you guys have the upper hand nuking their dps or healer down so hard. At this time you prob. Hited Divine Plea while nuking your target with exor. and then applying Denounceon the target you are nuking or/and the healer trying to heal. At this time the 50% healing reduce given by the Divine Plea should not be a problem.
B. Is when you you have the time to have a fast drink in game. It wil give a warning to the ones you are fighting against, so please be smart and hide behind a pillar.
All over, you should really play it smart when you are low on mana to when pop Divine Plea, 1 dispell and it's gone. So make sure that the ppl you are fighting against don't have the time or LoS to remove it.
Glyph of Cleansing:
I tend to cleanse alot when it comes to Mages, and you fight against them often so this for sure helps on your mana. Sure, if you feel like changeing this one out with Glyph of Turn Evil for instant fear casts on DK pets and Warlock pets, do so, BUT, remember, Cleanse is for sure one of the most imp. spells you use out there. And you usualy have Holy Wrath rdy to stun the pets and then fear them after.
Glyph of Hammer of Justice:
It mby don't sound like much, ut trust me, when you are coming out from the hide to throw down the killer stun 5 yards can feel like a mile. Also the smartass priest always want to run up to you and fear you, but not anymore. Spam the stun on him until hes in range, stun him, freedom and Speed of Light your ass out of there(provided by Holy Radiance and Divine ProtectionSpeed of Light

Yes, you prob. thinking that spirit>haste is the way to go, faster heals ect. But think on that one for a moment. What if you cast a Divine Light that is wery much needed at the time, sins you are low and get interupted, yes I know what you think, You fucked up and you are dead. CRIT CRIT AND more crit is the way you want to reforge, trust me on this, you are always on the move, and when you are focused you prob don't have the time for interuptable spells. Holy Shock crit, you need a Divine Light? The speed of the DL now is that great anyway that the haste is not needed to avoid a interupt. Or if you panic, use a Flash of Light, it's instant anyway. Also Crit heals = 200% heal now and you would like to rely your life on.
Crit>Spirit>Mastery>Haste, that's how I do it.
I have seen other good holy pvp palas like Mdg on our server still going the old way. Yes I have the respect of him, but still I feel im tad better tongue when it comes to PvP.

Beacon of Light:
Yes, this one needs to be on the target geting nuked by all times. The extra Holy Power gained from direct heals is for sure needed at all times. The only time I don't use this is in 2s vs 1lock and a healer, then I keep beacon of light on myself and heal my partner. Beacon of light heals on you and Protector of the Innocent should be more than enough to keep you alive.

Hand of Freedom:

Hand of Sacrifice:
Works great vs Polly, Blind, targeted Warrior fear, and may work on Fear aswell. You should use it on your dps when it's off CD.

Sure it's good, but not great when you use it at the wrong time or use it vs wrong spells. Cyclone is a retarded CC, and you may end up in burning a great ammount of your personal ohshit CD's vs for x a feral mage thingy. You use first trinket vs a polly, then you prob geting a fulltime Cyclone right after, ofc you can't bubble out of that one. Best start for me, in a way. Get in combat, try to fight as long as you can without poping any CC breakers. use as much time as possible to use 0 CD's, may be abit risky for sure, but lets say if you are able, vs a Mage, to w8 like 10-15 sec to cast Hand of Sacrifice on your team mate, then it's prob a greater chanse it will save you from a full dura polly. Same vs Rogue blind. Don't stress it to much using ur trinket or bubble right away. Say and see if your dps will survive it, but be carefull, Rogues got Smoke Bomb. VS dubble dps, play it safe, all I can say, try to mby bubble at start so they can't fuck you up when they do nuke your dps. Then use GoAK and spamheal your DPS, Use Hand of Sacrifice right after. Bubble him or her if you got problems keeping it up, Stun one of the dps you fight whenever you can. If your able cast a Exor on em to red. ther crit chanse to 0.

vs druid & retpala = kill retpala
vs mage & shadow priest = kill mage
vs dk & mage = kill mage
vs rogue & mage = kill mage
vs rogue & feral = kill feral
vs lock & mage = no clue, prob lock
this are the setups I'm sure about if you got any q about setups you vs and with the setup you are, please do ask.

Your 2s and 3s setup
I have not that great xp with many setups this season in 3s, and never did really focus that much to get crazy high rate, 2s may end in 15 sec, or it can take 45 mins.
You with a Rogue have a fairly good chanse to get to 2k rate, me and Johnreaper came to 1950 with not much fuzz, but you may fight against some lowrated teams that is a teamkiller.
A frost DK doing crazy dmg, and if you are able to keep it up you should win in the end. But the surv to the Frost DK eint that great, so 2xdps may be a hard nut to crack. 2k rated for sure, if you play good, take your time and are abit lucky with the folks you fight agains.
A frost Mage, this really works great, fights may take alot of time, but usualy you win in the end, he got loads of CC and surv. As far as I remember, it do dif. alot if you are a good pvp mage and a not so great one. Need skills for sure, but this setup could bring you 2.1k+.
BEST of the best would be YOU and a Unholy DK.
3s: The setups I have tested out are 2, Warrior/Lock/HP, this works up to 1900, but after that you are prty stuck.
If you got a great skilled BMhunter, and a Enha shammy you will get far, been at 2.250rate and we prob will go higher. Reason why this setup works is the great single target CC on the healer, with spell interupts, totems that fucks up fear and guess what, Enha shammy removes a fulltime HEX. Remember, you need good coop with your dps to chain CC the healer(most of the time)
If you fight against Feral druid, focus that one until hes dead. Trust me on this, after we did that we won against all the feraldruid setups.

Word of Glory:

2v2 setup for you

2v2 setup vs you

3v3setup for you
There are loads of great 3s setups out there when you play Holy Paladin
My fav:
Did a 2.2k rate in 1 day with not much stress at all. Mass dispell and hex removal makes this a really powerfull combo.

This is a really tricky combo but after some good coop with the cc you can get it up to a 2.2k rate aswell

Melee faceroll:
and a mix with a Feral.
Great setup, never played it to seriously but this setup really eats their way up.

3v3setup vs your setup

More inc SOON

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