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#1 2011-05-30 12:50:14

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Appelsientje :)

Hey guys,

I just wanted to post this cuz i feel like im keeping u in the dark a little so here goes,

Something like 2 weeks ago i dropped out of raid cuz of yet  another technical problem on my side where the game for some reason keeps crashing in combat.

When i wanted to log on next raid my gametime had expired, until now i have not resubbed so my account is not active. I must say beside technical problems (as u can see from my attendance the last couple of months) i had gotten a little bit bored with the game, now that i havent played for almost 2 weeks i dont really feel like i missed it. Dunno yet if/when this might change, atm i got so much going on in RL to spend time on.

Once again this aint a definitive byebye post, just dont wanna mysteriously disapear and leave u in the dark on whats going on so. Saw a new rogue apply in the recruiting forums which is also a reason to post this cuz u can consider my spot open (proly u already did but i wanted to have said this myself anyway :p)

GL with the heroics guys, thanx for everything. I post something into this topic within a month or so.



#2 2011-05-30 19:33:29

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Re: Appelsientje :)

Thanks for letting us know.



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