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#1 2011-07-13 10:42:51

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Tips and tricks

In the beginning of bossfights, use Misdirection (duh..). Try to use Feign Death before readiness so incase of a resist you have the chance to do another. (Quite crucial in fights where we stand in meleerange)

Majordomo Staghelm:
Glyphed Raptor strikes right before he casts flame scythe, combined with Chimera shot right after (more crucial after a few adrenaline stacks later on in the fight)
If possible, Chimera shot after your seed exploded before you run back.

Flame Scythe now properly hits pets
It might gimp our dps a tad, but it might help us soak a flame scythe or two extra later into the fight...(Not sure if Flame Scythe will hit our pets when they stand behind him, don' think so atleast)

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#2 2011-07-14 15:03:53

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Re: Tips and tricks

Been toying with various ariations of typical MM spec and I noticed something potentially interesting - we can pick up Spirit Bond at a reasonably little cost (2/3 Frenzy). Might come in handy for the situations where healers are struggling (Majordomo, Baleroc), +10% healing taken can't be bad.



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