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#51 2012-01-19 01:28:31

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Re: Ima in Swtor betatesting

Finished Skyrim, more or less. I still haven't decided on TOR. Wouldn't have time to do the MMORPG thing, but as a single player, it still looks interesting.



#52 2012-01-30 17:02:49

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Re: Ima in Swtor betatesting

hey all !

So ive been playing abit of SWtor, WOW got abit to boring to me, even tho my time in TEO sure made it alot better !

and i was (as usual) the first in our guild to ding 50, and some followed a few weeks after.. i got totally caught up in it and could not let it go, very very awesum story mode and general quest during lvl.. and my Bounty hunter just kept getting cooler and cooler.

so now ive been lvl 50 for awhile, and imo theres plenty to do, first of all u start gearing up ur self for hardmode flashpoints (heroic dungeons), than Operations(raids) and then nightmare operations (heroic raids).. and ive cleared all content in normal, and most on nightmare so far in variuos pugs and semi guild runs. yes im awesum, and outdps most other gamers since they slack around in pvp gear (so not much news there).

besides that, ive spend time exploring new stuff and areas i didnt see while lvling, and ganking a few repuplic scums, and other than that theres gearing up ur companions and getting there affections up to max!

all in all loads to do, and even tho theres still alot of bugs and defaults, i like it, it will become even better whit time !

cya on Hex Droid empire side !



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