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Template and Information. Read this before you apply!

- You can not post on the other forums untill we have updated your forum status, only here in Recruitment Forum. We check it every day, and if you want it to go faster, talk with a TEO officer ingame.

- Our current recruitment needs are reflected in the chart on the right hand side of our home page. If they class you want to apply with is not listed there, don't be shy to try your luck - we are always on a lookout for exceptional players.

- Having problems logging in?
Solution: accept all cookies from your browsers settings or dont use IE.

- Having problems with registering/anti bot check?
Solution: Notice the small text under the box that says:
"The letters displayed are all capitals, please type only capitals. There is no number zero, any other number or letter is present."

TEO Recruitment

What we are looking for in a player:

Adult manners.
Knowledge of your class and the ability to succeed playing with it in hardmode raids.
Good PvE gear and spec flexibility.
Ability to raid 3 times a week (we dont expect 100% raid activity so you are free to take a day off when theres more important business without getting a kick).
We expect that you can keep your focus up on raids while training hardmodes for example.
We expect you to be in time for raids and being prepared with consumables and good attitude. Also you are ready to raid for the whole duration of the raid.
Your computer and internet connection can handle raiding without problems.
You have TeamSpeak and all required raid addons installed.

About applications:

Here's the template you should use. Please do not skip any questions and if you do so, let us know why. You're of course not limited to the questions asked:


How good is your English:
Anything else about you, the person, we might be interested in:


Armory Link:

Regardless of its quality (ilvl), is you gear fully taken care of?

What do you consider the most significant pros and cons of your class/spec in the current state of affairs:


Please provide a WoL log presenting your awesomeness. In absence of logs, post screenshots of recount/skada from an encounter of the current tier.

Raiding Experience (we're mostly interested in your achievements in the current expansion, but do impress us with previous experience if you feel it helps):

Can you regularly join the 3 weekly raids we host?

Any external factors affecting activity we ought to know about (some flexibility applies, but we really want players able to join all 3 raids a week):


Why are you applying to The Enigma Order, what made you choose us, when and where did you first hear about us:

Is there anything else you would like to include that may assist your application?

Should you be accepted, you will be asked to provide your cellphone number to the leading team. This is for the sake of on-going coordination, your number will not be made public nor used for anything not related to the game. Is this ok?

About joining and rules

You can have as many alts as you like.

We use Team Speak 3.0 or Discord when raiding. You should have this program and a microphone.

We use a FFA DKP system. Read more about it on our rules page.

If you're application is accepted, you will have a trial period. The test period will then consist of 2 stages. First stage will last for the first 3 raids you get to join (you participate in, not only sign up for). In this short period you can bid on items, however higher ranked players have priority. This is an initial filter - if it turns out you're not our kind of player, the test period will end here. If you meet the initial conditions to raid with us, you will proceed to the second stage of the test period. An immediate consequence is that you will be able to bid on items on pair with everyone else. You still remain a testplayer however, meaning that the spot in the raiding team is still subject to further verdict. This second stage often lasts quite a while.

We will take it for granted that you have read, understood and agreed on our guild rules, and our raiding rules. If you have questions regarding your application, ask an officer in game, or make a post on the recruiting forum.

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Re: Template and Information. Read this before you apply!

Update for patch 6.2 -

Please include in your application where you're at at the legendary questline.


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