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#1 2017-01-24 14:51:46

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Rune vs. IF?

Hey Rizzla, if I look at sims on single and multi target damage for arc I find the gap between rune and IF is just 2% in single target and 1% on multi target.  Certainly a lot closer than they used to be in 7.1.  Given that assumes perfect usage, which isn't practically possible given the hectic nature of most NH fights with movement requirements and ground AOE.  Hence I think a lot of fights would be best handled with IF.  What do you think?

Simmed spec comparison … amp;t=2618

Here are my thoughts on spec in NH.  I know for you MI is a good ST alternative for fire and you ran that on at least Elisande and Guldan, likely for the reasons given below.  But for arc IF is a little ahead.

Skorpiron IF need to constantly adjust positioning to maximise AOE on all targets
Chromatic Anomoly IF Lots of movement from ground AOE, to spawning adds and for running out with timebomb
Trilliax IF Lots of movement from ground AOE, and handling mechanics
Spellblade Aluriel IF movement if debuffed, movement to adds, movement from bombs in arc phase.
Star Auger Etraeus Rune Low movement fight, except where debuffed and that is brief, so perfect rune usage is possible
High Botanist tellarn IF - High movement fight to / from adds, chasing around bosses for AOE, to Orbs, etc
Krosus Rune Low movement fight, an occational and predictable sidestep + soaking at specific times.  Easy to find 10s of uninterrupted movement
Elisande IF Crazy movement fight, to adds, chasing boss around the room, from orbs, soaking ground AEO and orbs, etc, etc
Guldan IF _ I did this with rune yesterday, but a lot of movement moving to soak people, moving to best AoE eyes, moving to be near bosses, but not tanks, fear the wrath of Lamme.  Also P3 looks even more movement heavy, dropping fire, soaking ghosts, running from AoE, repositioning to avoid hugging people when eye is up.

Also I think I'll go IF for all M+ in future too.  Typically I can't use rune on CD through all trash, since it needs to be available for boss pulls, so that alone, aside from imperfect use where you have to move from ground AOE means it's suboptimal since the patch.



#2 2017-01-26 15:59:42

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Re: Rune vs. IF?

Whats up.  Just quick post because Im pretty chuffed about arcane right now, having been given some buffs. 

Ive been feeling pretty lousy all Legion, since I only have bloody utility legendaries, so Ive not really shone DPS wise.  Which as a pure DPS class feels just painful.  I can play perfectly and Ill be beaten every time by my fellow mage(s), who all have BIS fire legendaries.  In part thats why I went Arc, so I can shine in different places.

Last night in normal (yeah I appreciate no-one cares) but I actually topped the meters in a fight for the first time in a long, time.  Aluriel.  I probably have done the same on Krosus if I wasnt soaking pools out of range of the boss.  I was pretty high in most other fights, with the exception of Elisande, where I dropped my white cane and wandered blindly into orbs.  I remember thinking for a brief moment, hey this is normal, whats the worst that could happen?    Well I found out.  Cheers healers for no res for 3 minutes.  Dont know if this was a punish the noob thing, as if I didnt already feel stupid. 

Anyhoo.  Arcane is on for the first time this expansion.  Also I ran IF all night, so Im more mobile 
Now if I can just get a DPS legendary (Kilt, wrists, timewarp ring, trinket, etc.)  then I could really own the meters!

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#3 2017-01-26 20:14:27

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Re: Rune vs. IF?

Hey mate
the point of my last post about melee mages was that you aren't limited to some standard build that the sims say is top, because most talents are now pretty viable for the right fight - so yes I agree smile

I would only use RoP now for where a heavy burst phase is required or where theres lots of pauses to dps, but it would have to be a very strong case because of the ease of use of MI and IF. I'm struggling to think of an example beyond m+ (where rune can be great and MI in particular often does get full uptime) and perhaps guldan for that first bug add. Perhaps more will become obvious once we start mythics

I also agree with one of your comments before about viability of arcane now, it looks very fine, and i'm sure more mages would be arcane but for legendaries and high fire traits

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