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#1 2017-03-09 09:05:23

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been couple of years since anyone posted here, but i need help

So hello fellow druids, in the past weeks i was trying to improve two aspects of my balance game.
though my ilvl is relatively lower than what it should be il995-996, I should still do a bit better than what i am doing now.
Now let me explain my gear situation in the following points:
1- I only have 1 legendary item, which is really shit item that is more useful for my guardian spec than my balance one. So all the other 3-4 fancy legendaries i dont have will help EXTREMLY ALOT in increasing my dps.
2- The reason i have a lower ilvl is that i am specing more than 2 items that i have a higher ilvl replacement but I am wearing them because of the haste I have, my haste was very low and now it is in a good range, however many items I have are not that great.
3- I found many flaws in my first inspection of my gameplay:
a. I am not using the cooldowns efficiently.
b. 1 trinket is aoe based trinket
c. I am not dotting good "meaning I am using alot of spells in the wrong time" though this improved massively
d. I am not using enough starsurge AS MUCH AS OTHER BALANCE DRUIDS. This might be  for 2 reasons, 1 i was not able to fell my power fast enough or i am over filling and not using it correctly. Probably both.
e. this is a weird one but I am not comfortable in being a range as being a melee. I love movements and being close to boss.. I like it and I never like the concept of being standing away. This is weird because most people will say otherwise. I am getting it though and this completely personal.

now other than improving my gameplay i really dont see what should i do more?
I believe that legendaries will play a major role in improving my dps. yes i need to improve my gameplay.. but when I read many many forum posts all of them say if u dont have at least one of the good legendaries the damage will not increase as much as you want.

this causing me many headaches so i came here and maybe one of you will have something to help.

One apple a day, keeps the doctor away.


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