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#1 2017-06-12 18:21:21

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Restoration/balance druid - Vildemor - accepted


Age: 30+
Gender: Girl
Nationality: Norwegian
Occupation: Kindergarden teacher
How good is your English: 1-10...maybe 5?
Anything else about you, the person, we might be interested in: Im a devorced mother for a 14y old boy, he's a gamer to as he's mum (and dad).


Name: Vildemor
BattleTag: Smalle, Auriel, and some others in guild got it
Armory Link: … t/vildemor
Mainspec: Resto
Offspec: Moonkin

Regardless of its quality (ilvl), is you gear fully taken care of? 901, i aim to do my best with equipment and gameplay at anytime when im raiding. Concordance rank 2 resto, working on my offspec atm.
What do you consider the most significant pros and cons of your class/spec in the current state of affairs: Ill try my best to keep raid up and also able to heal tanks, and help them take less dmg if need, with my cd's. Ill always keep lb on tanks and my healing over time. Lb ill do rotasion btw those two tanks.

Please provide a WoL log presenting your awesomeness. In absence of logs, post screenshots of recount/skada from an encounter of the current tier.

Raiding Experience (we're mostly interested in your achievements in the current expansion, but do impress us with previous experience if you feel it helps): Cleared Nh hc several times, i started late to lvl in legion so gear and skill suffer from that. Ive played wow since Vanilla, always as healer, and used to raid 3 to 5 days a week.. but as earlyer i was a more then good enogh dps so  i had to dps also when needed. Lack xp on that in Legion.

Can you regularly join the 3 weekly raids we host? Yes shouldnt be a problem. Vac soon, so might be more stuff happening RL last weeks before i go out in vac,

Any external factors affecting activity we ought to know about (some flexibility applies, but we really want players able to join all 3 raids a week): Once every month or so i got meeting after work, but should be home for raid. Else i let u know.


Why are you applying to The Enigma Order, what made you choose us, when and where did you first hear about us: I got long time friend there Auriel and got a lot new friends here. Also seems like an adult guild, and ppl are focused when raiding.

Is there anything else you would like to include that may assist your application?

Should you be accepted, you will be asked to provide your cellphone number to the leading team. This is for the sake of on-going coordination, your number will not be made public nor used for anything not related to the game. Is this ok? Yes np.

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#2 2017-06-12 19:55:40

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Re: Restoration/balance druid - Vildemor - accepted

Thank you for the application, we will get back to you shortly.



#3 2017-06-15 11:56:14

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Re: Restoration/balance druid - Vildemor - accepted


You will be welcomed to join our raids the reset ToS opens.



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