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Jonai- Hunter application - accepted


Age: 27
Gender: male
Nationality: Swedish
Occupation: unemploid atm
How good is your English: good enough to raid at the very least
Anything else about you, the person, we might be interested in:


Name: Jonai
BattleTag: Jonai#21187
Armory Link:
Mainspec: BM
Offspec: MM (not that proficient in it yet, but i am practicing)

Regardless of its quality (ilvl), is you gear fully taken care of? as BM yes, as MM still need some gear

What do you consider the most significant pros and cons of your class/spec in the current state of affairs: well, BM is really versitile and can deal with alot of mechanics, such as solo soaking, without loosing DPS, it got reliable on demand bursts due to short CDs. As for cons, it does have some limitation to targetswitching and stopping DPS as the majority of the damage is based from pets (AI) which takes abit of time to respond at times, it also have a limited AoE option, were as MM does better in all AoE situations.

it should also be noted that it does have a limited defensive CDs. beond turtleshell there isnt any damage mitigation that can be used, so if there is solo soaking needed at a part in the fight you can be left without any dmg reduction CDs.


Please provide a WoL log presenting your awesomeness. In absence of logs, post screenshots of recount/skada from an encounter of the current tier. … amage-done

Raiding Experience (we're mostly interested in your achievements in the current expansion, but do impress us with previous experience if you feel it helps): for this expansion I did clear 5/7 and 9/10 mythic in ENM and NH (had a bit of dificulty finding a stable guild as most had to stop raiding due to loss of raiders)

Can you regularly join the 3 weekly raids we host? there shouldnt be any problem at all.

Any external factors affecting activity we ought to know about (some flexibility applies, but we really want players able to join all 3 raids a week): not any thing that should pop up regularly, but stuff can happen IRL. but over my lst 3 years of raiding I have only missed a hand full of raids.


Why are you applying to The Enigma Order, what made you choose us, when and where did you first hear about us: Yami or Benehime (or whatever you wish to call him these days) recomended you and when I looked you up you seemed to be a guild with simmilair attitude and goals to mine. Aswell as Yami said you had a great raiding enviroment.

Is there anything else you would like to include that may assist your application?
Not that i can think of now.

Should you be accepted, you will be asked to provide your cellphone number to the leading team. This is for the sake of on-going coordination, your number will not be made public nor used for anything not related to the game. Is this ok? yes.



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Re: Jonai- Hunter application - accepted




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