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Byoki - Balance druid - accepted

Name: Simon
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nationality: Dane (Denmark)
Occupation: Student
English: Decently fluent
Other info: I'm studying IT-technology and I'm quite talkative!

Name: Byoki
BattleTag: TheSimonDude#2879
Armory Link: … dawn/byoki
Mainspec: Balance
Offspec: Guardian, Resto (and feral (if necesarry))
Ilvl: 938
Pro/con of spec: I love the versatility of the druid - being able to tank,
heal and either dps at ranged or in melee (even if I don't like feral that much).
In regards to balance I'm really fond of the small things to be mindful off:
Where to efficiently put starfall, keeping dots up (though not to the degree of aff lock)
And also making sure I gain the best-possible amount of astral power for starsurge / starfall.

Logs: … dawn/byoki
Many of the logs are as resto due to lack of healers in the guild.

I progressed EN mythic and got Xavius down for our cutting edge.
Rest has been sort of meh where the guild that I did EN with disbanded on Krosus progression.
After a while of hiatus I joined my friends in House of the Fallen.
ToS came out and we had joined Ragnarök for mythic progression.

raid days: I can raid the designated days, no problem.

Flexibility: There might be a time at end-november / start of december where I might
be stressing out about my school project. Depending on how it's going beforehand I might
have to spend evenings on it as well (unlikely though).

Whiteowl introduced us to the guild. We later had a conversation with Smalle about joining.

Anything to add: Not sure there's something to add that can contribute to my application.

Cellphone: Not an issue. I get called by random people almost daily wink



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Re: Byoki - Balance druid - accepted




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