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#1 2018-04-16 15:24:17

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Need help with some tiny testing

Hey, hopefully anyone still goes here every now and then smile

My BF and his friends love to develop games in their free time and they have just released their first "big" game.

Few days later they noticed only local (Czech) players are in the database. Not a single one is a foreigner, altho the vast majority of downloads is from East European and Asian countries. I can see this is bothering him a lot as they have invested really much time and energy into making this game and this is something that cannot be tested from here. Sadly we don't know many guys abroad that would be willing to do some tiny testing for us (as all of them think playing games is a silly waste of time).

So why am I writing all this? If you have an Android device and 10-15 minutes time, please go to google apps store and DL game called "Boulder base". Don't worry, everything is free. It is a tower defense game. As soon as you conquer 5 territories (really shouldn't take more than few minutes), you'll be asked to join multiplayer and set your nickname (internet connection is ofc required for this). Using special letters such as , , arabic, russian or chinese alphabet at this point would be much appreciated as well (just trying to examine all the possible problems Unity or Google apps may have with the registration). And that's it, at this moment you should be in the database.

Should you encounter any problem or error, please leave a reply here or send me a PM.

Thank you very much for any kind of help and feedback!



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