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#1 2007-01-10 01:43:54

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Trunks, Nightelf, Rogue


Name: Daniel

Age : 15

Country : Denmark

Occupation/work : School

e-mail :

Activitylevel : Normally around 5-6 hours a day everyday, tho monday im not that much online as its my longest

school day, but on weekendes im maybe 8-10 hours online.

2: Your character
Name, class, race, gender: Trunks, Rogue, Nelf, Male

HP : 3813

mana : 245 according to my intellect lol

manaregen : none

AP : 714

all resists : Nature Resistance = 143 / Fire Resistance = 88 / Frost Resistance = 10 (av trink ftw)

Talent : … 0000000000

Tradeskills : Enchanting and Tailoring

Reputation : Argent Dawn = Honored (4435) Brood of Nozdormu Hated (13100 but got some anceint artifact and

some of the boss drop thingys so i can get some thousands rep there) Hydraxian Waterlords = Revered (1149)

Cenarion Circle = Honored (6894)

Notable alts on this and other servers, with the expected activity on these characters : Wanky 19 twink rogue :p

3: Gear
Your current gear in a profile :

Resistance gear:
Fire :  and darkmantle set bonus (+8 all resistance)

Nature :   and darkmantle set bonus (+8 all resistance) and racial passive +10 nature resistance

Describe your gear. Reason for choosing this gear. : Well my gear is ok for dps and for keeping myself alive (atleast i think) it may not be that good as alot other but in the guilds ive been in ive dpsed fine and even out dpsed people with alot better tongue. Reason that i chosen this.. well the best i could get :p i allways try to upgrade it and thats what its at atm.

Describe your "desert island" gear. Items you desperately want. This can be imaginary items as well.  : Mmm some nice swords and some t2 :p maybe even some t3 big_smile

4: Guild

Previous guilds, and a short description of them : Gankers for life, a guild i had for fun with my cousin. Ravenous Army, they just invited me didnt stay that long. The Blackhand Order, recruited me while i was in AV as lvl 58 and i stayed with em and got my first raiding experience. A guild i cant rlly remember name of.. didnt stay long because i got kicked while i was in school trip to prague but got my first MC and Ony exp there. Reclaimers, Came there when they where at MC stage and got up to aq40 fankriss with em.. but then Guild disband at christmas.

Reason for leaving them : Gankers for life : All kinda left so did my cousin. Ravenous army: Made the Gankers for life guild with my cousin so had to leave. The Blackhand Order: didnt rlly feel home there tongue. The guild i cant remember name of.. got kicked on school trip. Reclaimers : Guild disband.

Ambitions within a guild : Fun and kind people who raid some high instances like bwl and up.

Reason for your TEO application : Because i want to join a high end raiding guild and after Reclaimers disbanded here at christmas i felt like i needed a new "home"  and would like to try out a litle higher instances than the ones i were used to.

Do you know anyone in TEO? Well, i know Illiodora big_smile

What can you bring to TEO, why should we invite you? Because i come on most raids and do some deacent dps and im ALLMOST allways friendly :p

5: Game

What is you characters "/played"? My rogue is 51 days Playtime and i got some few other lvl 60 and some on 40+

What is your raiding experience? Full Zg Aq20 Mc Ony Bwl and Aq40 up to fankriss.. (short tould anything after fankriss - naxx is what i havnt raided)

What is your ambition with playing this game? Having fun playing and i have a thing for MMORPG's and have had that for several years and WoW is what i want to play, dont  think ill stop before long time.

What do you think of World of Warcraft, and will you buy the expansion? I think WoW is the best MMORPG atm, and the best one theres ever been, and ofcourse ill buy the expansion! yikes preordered in november big_smile

Do you have any other significant gaming experience? Dont rlly think so yikes Counter strike perhaps lol.

Tell us about your computer 3.6 Ghz processer  2 Gb ram cant remember name of graphic cards but some pretty nice ones.. and 4 mb internet connection.

Trunks out smile



#2 2007-01-10 01:47:10

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Re: Trunks, Nightelf, Rogue

Very nice application, Daniel. but im sorry to inform you that we are not actively recruiting these days, and we have the rogue class filled. GL finding a guild.



#3 2007-01-10 02:00:53

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Re: Trunks, Nightelf, Rogue

kk thx



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