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#1 2007-04-14 15:54:56

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Head itemz

in the next patch … elldps.jpg will be added and now i'm wondering if it is worth it getting spellstrike hood, looking at both the stats and the costs to make them.

Goggle ~300g
spellstrike ~1200g

what do you guys think?

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#2 2007-04-23 19:23:23

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Re: Head itemz

Is there an affliction version of them (i.e. forget crit, gibe more +SD plx ?)

Edit: On a side note I think it is nice that blizz have realised not everyone plays the same class the same and offers 2 or 3 class sets with different stat + ability bonuses that are better depending on talent build (i.e. gladiator sets)

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#3 2007-04-23 20:14:23

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Re: Head itemz

Nope, unfortunately not. But still, those goggles will pwn indifferent of your specc.



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