Now we are the Paragons

The Paragons of the Klaxxi are no more. At least for this reset.

205 wipes, so quite a bit. Most of the time a very enjoyable experience though. Not often  an encounter is that dynamic and surprising. Random even, in the good way, non-scripted.


As it often is the case when fighting bugs (mhm), we did run into an inconvenient glitch or two, which at some point was getting mildly irritating. Regardless, we found a band-aid to that and moved on. Rumour has it we have not just one, but in fact 2 kill videos being made, presenting the fight from very different perspectives.

Next and final step is, obviously, Garrosh. That wil take some doing, but for once it doesn’t seem like we’re under immidiate time pressure. Now it’s just a matter of making sure the roster doesn’t shrink to the point where getting raids going becomes an issue. Other than that, we should have what it takes to stand a good chance of clearing SoO before the pre-WoD patch.