Arch demon killed, heroic mode cleared

With Hellfire Citadel released just in the start of summer holidays, we have had our doubts as to how smooth we would get started this tier. Turns out there was no reason to worry at all. The bosses leading to the final villain went down mostly as expected, even if it was unusual for a re-kill on one of them to be harder than the first kill. That is what happens when an encounter gets fine-tuned after week one (Socrethar the Eternal).

Archimonde himself was a different ball game. We did not do bad against him as such, but we should have won the encounter earlier – we had a breathtaking 0.3% wipe and then never managed to get the job done in that reset, only got him the next week.

Kill video already available at our wowprogress profile, linked on the right side.

Archimonde hcHe is dead, true story! Not quite our typical situation, having killed the final boss on our first raiding day of a reset. Tension rises, let us see what the reset of the week brings.