Normal Pandaria saved

Since patch 5.4 and the Siege of Ogrimmar release we have been hard at work, so little time was left to update the frontpage.

We are happy to report that Pandaria is safe again, at least in its normal incarnation. We managed to reach Garrosh, the final villain as soon as in the first reset and then we had enough time to clear the place again and get the job done the second week. The moment he was defeated various notable personas arrived, argued a little and gave as a virtual pat in the back (for most players, myself being a gnome, it was more of a bald spot pat).


So far Siege of Ogrimmar made a good impression. The low difficulty level of most of the early bosses did feel a little awkward, but things built up and later on it felt more appropriate. And normal mode of Garrosh encounter felt great, it had that much desired suspense reinforced by the growing pressure of time.

With normal mode cleared in 2 weeks, we are all set for heroics. Or at least that is what we dare to think, let us see if the next raid ends up being a cold shower. More so now that the initial bosses were actually made a little harder than they were in the start!