Throne of Thunder summary

All but final boss(es) killed in heroic mode, with a decent number of pulls put into Lei Shen. We could speculate how badly the summer impacted that last bit of progress, we could also blame the awkward setup requirements. Let’s not make excuses though. We tried, we didn’t score the kill of the uber-villain this time. More importantly, it didn’t feel impossible. That’s a thought to remember for the next patch.

I’d like to officially thank the raiding team as well as anonymous non-raiding little helpers for all the effort put into the heroic progression in patch 5.2. This was especially important and burdensome on the last 3 bosses, so Durumu, Dark Animus and Lei Shen. Rightfully so, since they are widely considered the hardest in the instance. Almost every single member of the roster really pulled his/her weight, allowing us to raid with only small break during the holidays. We’ve been there, we’ve experienced it, I don’t need to tell you the story