Iron Juggernaut

Those involved in Brawlers shady endevours are no strangers to this business. If we are meant to solo an elite forsaken with Arcanite Ripper, who is riding on a elite devilsaur, which is riding an elite flying shark with two rockets and a laser, than a heroic metal scorpion ish shredder with a flamtethrower, driller, lazer, cannon and whole lot of badass attitude is all in a day’s work.

Very good, fun fight. We heard about some unorthodox (to be very polite) tactics, but that didn’t work for us so we took it head on, just that with an extra healer. This extra healer was definitly the key to success here, a proper gnome sacrifice no one even bothered to ressurect for half of the encounter tells the whole story.

WoWScrnShot_100713_212942Regardless, after some near-death attempts, the dead gnome finally got the job done for us and so surprisngly enough we celebrated our second heroic kill this reset.