Guns’n’Roses – undaunted – we killed eight, mate

Cryptic title, but it is all the right stuff. Gun’s’Roses, so obviously Iron Maidens. Done and dusted, c’est la vie, au revoir, salut, tschus, arrivederci, bye bye. And that kill swiftly puts us at 8/10 in Blackrock Foundry, we did kill eight indeed. Undaunted, becase despite all the difficulties world (of warcraft) thrown in our face, we keep doing what we do best – slay virtual dragons and keep Stormwind safe! And when world (of warcraft, but also of Berlusconi) goes as low as to disable internet in the entire city of Bologne, just to hinder our progress, we know we are onto something! We have also gone fishing and cought us a new face or two to add to the mixture – trully an epic task nowadays.

Iron MaidensIn so far as the kill itself goes, it was one of the good ones. No last man standing nonsense, hardly any hicups on the way, cold blooded execution from the get-go till the loot phase. Very enjoyable, there is more where that came from.

One more step before we reach the grand finale, the Blast Fun-race awaits.

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