An illusion… what are you hiding?!

Something’s not quite right!

Well no, not really, everything is in fact fine. Those two quotes are a good hint as to what we have been up to lately – the main citadel of Suramar, Nighthold, is the name of the game! It is inhabited by the Nightborne and killing tall people is every bit as satisfying as expected. The gnome approves!

On a marginally more serious note – “third half” of Legion’s first tier is now opened and we are having a blast. We ended week one on the final boss, mr. Gul’dan heroic himself. We did not have the time to finish him off, but this time around we can say without a doubt that it is just because we ran out of time. Probably should have skipped normal mode clear, but we thought – better safe than sorry, besides – tier items.

Having returned to Nighthold in week two we got to Gul’dan, this time in a timely manner. After some small adjustments and fine tuning of the tactics for the early phases we needed but five pulls to get the job done. It felt about as satisfying as it should – nothing fancy, encounter felt balanced properly, but hey – at least a cool little video followed.

With Gul’dan out of the picture we did what any sane person would do – we magically made the bosses respawn, this time in full awe, adult mode and we stepped in to mythic.

Here is hoping next update follows sooner than later!