The Enigma Order – Four year anniversary

The 15. of february we became four years old. Can you belive it ? Four years! Ok, ok, enough of the “omg” factor, on with the fun stuff! To celebrate our anniversary we had a one month(!) celebration. With Obscure in the lead we ended up with some extremely successful events.

Celebration events:

Media Contest: TEO 4 – Media Contest Entries! WINNERS UP!

Leveling Contest: TEO 4 – The Low Level Levelling Contest 2!!

Mojorising won the media contest with an amazing video(see below). This movie was so good it was even noted by the big World of Warcraft site WoW Insider – WoW Moviewatch: Forrest GumpDK.

The winner of the leveling contest was Wrion, runner up was Lamme.

Forest GumpDK: