Arch-demon decapitated, Hellfire Citadel cleared, Draenor saved. And what a long, strange trip it has been! Tier of content that started on the almost exact same day as the incredibly sunny summer holidays (saying that a lot of sweat went into killing the bosses was never more accurate) and lasted until just after Christmas holidays. As always, some very good and memorable fights and some that will be soon forgotten, rightfully so. First things first though.

13. Archimonde

Even the final boss himself was a little bit of a roller-coaster. In particular the second-last raid before the kill is to never be spoken about again, while the very next – and final – one was just pure gold and you could feel the kill is just around the corner. Obligatory one percent wipe notwithstanding! Some minor adjustments to the tactic for the last few percents and boom! The boss dies, mythic trinkets for the people, Axc gets the mount.

We have conflicting reports as far as the wipe counter goes, so we cannot be absolutely sure how many attempts exactly it took us to get the job done. Going by mine, pull number 385 was the lucky one. A few less than Garrosh required.

As usual it was a team effort, so a shout-out to the guys who participated in the progress, but ended up on the bench for the kill.

Honorable mentions final

And finally to an anonymous, yet tad scary person who is no longer part of the raiding gang due to circumstances beyond control, but who participated a great deal through the majority of Hellfire Citade and is trully missedl. Find the German at the picture!

PercNow that the job is done, we will fall back to a relaxed schedule and kill the mount bosses weekly. Meanwhile, a whole lot is going on behind the scene – there are many ideas floating around concerning Legion, we have our people in the beta (or alfa, or friends and family closed… test, complicated nomenclature). The plan is, as usual, to maintain a good raiding atmosphere, but at the same time kill things at a satisfying pace.

Over and out for a while, by the looks of it next post only very near to Legion release!

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  1. Congrats – Great to see some of the long time members still downing end game bosses! 🙂

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