Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

To a little bit of our surprise, we have another first kill to share this reset. We knew Oregorger would be a tad of a nerve-wrecking boss for us. It just had to happen that some people would refuse to dodge him rolling and take it head on. Luckily we all got the idea on our first raid at him and with a little bit more time we surely would have scored a kill there.

Eventually we did run out of time though, but we were back at it the next day. Some new people in the raid, so some relearning process, but it did not take us long to be back on tracks. Not long ago one thing led to another, end result documented by one of the more elegant kill shots we had.

WoWScrnShot_030215_222141The fact that second boss in a row dropped completely useless items on our first kill is a little disencouraging, we sure this is not some new trend about to stabilize.

Next target on the kill list, the Germans. Doesn’t get much bettter than that.

One down

After some good, near-death attempts on our first mythic reset, we were left with a little bit of a bad taste at our own performance to be perfectly frank. We knew we had more than enough gear to get the job done, the strategy was quite self-explanatory, honestly we just did not play very good. Sad but true.

Luckily on the next reset we first went through a heroic clear with no hiccups and then we were back at Beastlord Darmac. Things were clicking from the get-go this time and it did not take long for us to get it done.

WoWScrnShot_022615_222234Good first boss in mythic. Nothing really hard, but long enough to leave not too much room for mistakes. We are glad to be done with it after a few too many low hp wipes. Sad but true, we got all the possible worst drops from his loot table.

Blackhand dead, heroic Blackrock Foundry cleared

All the way up to Blackhand the first reset, then some time spent on the villain himself refining the tactic and down he goes. Very enjoyable fight, for once not a marathon, but surely has enough going on to keep us busy.


From personal point of view, I would have a hard time deciding whether it was Blackhand or the Blast Furnace that gave us more of a challenge, but statistics leave no doubts – it was the final boss.

So, with the new items we got, with those tier sets starting to happen, we appear to be ready to step into the real deal, mythic mode.

We did twins. Again.

Title says it all and the jokes never get old. There were twins, they needed doing, we thus did! The fact that they were ogrons and generally not oo handsome has little to do with anything!

Screenshot to be added at a later stage, computer gone goofed.

The Enigma Order on a summer break

With the holidays season approaching and the content cleared and farmed for a good while, the guild is now officially on a raiding break. We will resume raiding activity once the pre WoD patch is released, to get used to the new mechanics before the actual release.

It was really impressive how stable the roster remained after Garrosh was killed and how helpful the people who got their mounts early on were towards the rest of the team. Very good stuff.

Enjoy the summer everyone.

The Enigma Order now affiliated with companies from gaming business

We have recently got in touch with people representing few brands from the gaming world. One thing led to another and in return we are now affiliated with the marks linked in the right hand side menu. This is for now all casual and informal, but there are some interesting perspectives, not excluding the option of a sponsorship.





At this first, initial stage, we cooperate informally, simply checking out how, if at all, we can help each other. For now, we will try to make the brands visible to the extent our presence in social medias allows for and return we get to be the cool guys, playing in a guild serious enough to have a sponsor.

Or something.

To the victor go the Spoils

We’ve cashed in on the time spent learning Spoils of Pandaria. It turned out to be one of those fights where we started of with one tactic, but then over time shifted to something entirely different. Took us some time because of that, but it’s always enjoyable to try an encounter in more than one way and then pin-point what works best for your particular raid.

WoWScrnShot_111113_195415We had this nerve wrecking raid where you know the kill is so close, but you just can’t quite get the job done. The atmosphere reached its peak when we had a perfect attempt going, everything on tracks for a kill and then our idiot of a raid leader decided to open wrong box and completely decimated his group. Oh well, at least he’s a gnome, so it’s all forgiven.

So while that raid didn’t end up with us scoring a kill, the very next one did and ironically enough, a one shot it was. Next stop is overgrown dinosaur and quite frankly, it’s more of a “let’s hope we get him out of the picture rather quickly” mindset, rather than excitment about a new fight. Here’s hoping he proves more enjoyable than it first seems.

Malkorok finally down

After three raids of extensive training, we finally got Malkorak down. I believe I will express the opinion of the majority if I say that few pulls more and it would become irritating, just in time for it to feel like a job well done and a deserved kill. Funny enough, he dies on hundreth attempt. So 99 wipes and then game over.

WoWScrnShot_110313_195507Having killed him early on that day, we wasted no time and moved on to Spoils. First impression wasn’t quite as brutal as we were told to expect, with one of the teams clearing the side in time. More to come tomorrow, however we opted for clearing from the start next reset, balancing gearing up with progression that way.

The General has left the building

The moment the Dark Shamans died we relentlessly proceeded to the following boss, General Nazgrim. Now while we knew he had the reputation of an easy boss, we had some very bad experience when approaching fights with such attitude, hence we were careful not to get carried away.

Admitedly though, it appearch this time the reputation is well deserved, for a second boss to drop tier items, this wasn’t exactly breathtaking of an experience. For that reason no kill movie here either.


This puts us at 8/14 heroics killed. Safe to say the progress is better than we hoped for. Again, not to get carried away though. The easy part is done. Now it gets tough.