Took a little longer than it really needed to, but after a week of fine tuning the big bad dino finally hit the wall for good.

WoWScrnShot_052313_205438Very wierd learning curve here, with near-kill experience on the first day and then severe issues on gate two in the following. Dead dino meat though, moving on.

The Enigma Order wants you!

Fierce gnome on the poster tells the whole story here –


We feel we are in a pretty good shape and expect some high quality and good fun in upcomming raids. Our new policy results in more time spent working on new heroic kills, less on farming encounters we have already beaten. The roster is ok to that end, but we could accomodate few more strong dps. We therefore seek skilled, experienced, active and quite geared players to further strenghten it. The chart on the right hand side of the site has up to date information related to recruitment.

Give it a go and you might just find yourself side by side with the gnome sooner than you expect!

Three one thousand

Quite a few spinning shells kicked at the boss, many charged up shields and with endless amount of kges thrown at the bats, Tortos died. Pretty smooth progress on this one, didn’t feel like w spent a lot of time.WoWScrnShot_051213_211344

Also, the one thousand manner of flagging new heroic kills grew old sooner than anticipated, so next time we slay something, we will have to think of a smarter name for the post.

Two one thousand

Second week of heroics and a second kill. We decided to skip few bosses and chose Ji-kun as number two on our kill list. Roughly 60 attempts later and a tad bit of irritation later on he (she? it?) was kind enough to die.

WoWScrnShot_050213_231749Much more satisfying pace of progress than previously but also a minor inconvenience as the bosus we plan to focus on next are already dead this reset, so again a little delay. Can’t have everything, for now first few of us has gotten heroic tier pieaces.

One one thousand

Two weeks after clearing normal mode, first heroic boss is down. It’s nice to get started, but that’s yet another kill that should have happened earlier. Sadly, we’ve underestimated the time needed to clear the instance and wasted a few hours that could have been used to get the kill.


Despite the kill, an even deeper drop in server rank. Unpleasent, but not great of a concern, raids are giving good fun and that’s what matters. Now that we are started, the plan is to commit more time to heroics at the cost of slower gearing up. Let’s see how well that works out.


Throne of Thunder cleared

Last Sunday we finally killed Lei Shen. Good fight, entertaining and well designed. Safe to say that the kill was late, we were very close to it previous reset, where it felt like we only needed some 30 minutes more to get it. We didn’t have that time however, so the troll king needed to wait for a whole extra week.


Now that the normal modes are done, we can finally move to heroics and face some proper challenges.

Three times the charm

Third week, third wing. New bosses with new mechanics, what more to ask for. Still pretty bad streak as far as loot goes, very few weapons. Not to worry though, that’s bound to change eventually.

WoWScrnShot_032513_210940Back to our standard schedule of 3 raids per reset as well now, so it’s likely that the last quarter of the instance will go a little bit slower.

Meanwhile, after the hicup with Tortos and Ji-Kun, the guild is back to the usual worldwide rank – somewhere just above 500. Not bad, but one still hopes that we would jump into the top 500 and stay there.

On a sidenote, another guild group scored all-gold challenges. Business as usual.

Two weeks, two wings

We’ve ended the second week of raiding with the second, animalistic, part of the instance cleared. Some tactical mistakes slowed the progress down for us, regardless, so far the new encoounters are extremely enjoyable. Half way through the common consensus on Throne of Thunder is – good job Blizzard.



Business is a boomin

With patch 5.2 released this reset, we left the Mogu, Mantids and various incarnations of Sha behind and moved on to troll killing business. Having completed the first raid, it is safe to say the business is a boomin.


After three hours of raiding we killed the first 3 bosses, thus clearing the first wing of Throne of Thunder. So far the ride is enjoyable and oddly enough that goes for bosses as well as the trash.

Will, we rock you!

Sunday 24th. On 2nd full night of training we killed the first final boss, Will of Emperor, on heroic 25-man difficulty.

Progress on tier 14 ended up being 10/16 HC, making us realm 7th 25-man guild.

Will of Emperor 25 HC– Axc